Grant Pace

Juuva Co-Founder and CEO


Grant’s Corporate Success

Twenty-five year track record of rapidly building profitable direct sales companies and building a reputation for fairness and personal integrity.  Today, Grant is building his next high-rising Direct Sales business as CEO of Juuva Enterprises.

As division president of Nu Skin Asia, the media dubbed Grant Pace, the “Millionaire Maker.”  Grant launched Nu Skin in the Philippines and was praised for having created more millionaires than anyone in the country’s history.

At helm of Avon Asia-Pacific Inc., Grant grew the company beyond the billion peso mark.
Launched Sara Lee in Philippines.  It is now the Philippines’  2nd highest earnings Direct Sales company.

Direct Sales Industry & Network Marketing

“The Network Marketing and Direct Selling industry has the potential to do a lot of good for a lot of people,” says Grant Pace. “By stimulating the entrepreneurial spirit in people, giving them legitimate opportunities with excellent products and then coaching them along the way, they blossom economically and they blossom personally.”  Pace continues, “They become different people. They develop skills and self-confidence. Goal setting becomes real. Achievements become very wonderful and meaningful to them and their families.”


  • Co-Founder & CEO – Juuva Enterprises, Inc.


  • President, Shaklee International Inc.
  • Nu Skin Division President, Nu Skin Enterprises Inc.
  • Vice President DS Asia, Sara Lee Corp.
  • President, Avon Asia-Pacific Inc.
  • MBA, Harvard Business School
  • International Lawyer
  • 25-years direct-selling and multi-level marketing


USA:  Utah

Global Leader Network Marketing & Direct Selling Industry


Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Team Development, Global Direct Sales and Marketing, Business Development, People Development, Leadership, Efficiency, Vision, Problem Solving, Organizing.

Grant Pace’s Hero:

My father is my hero because he is very intelligent and politically astute. He raised a family of ten children at great sacrifice.   My father is the highest form of leader. He leads the minds of men.   He was a sole practitioner as a lawyer.  As a young man, I learned about hard work and sacrifice from observing how my father lived his life.  He is 86 now.  He’s an avid reader and we follow politics together.



An avid sailor, Grant built his own sailing surfboard and kayak while still in his teens.
Grant F. Pace’s childhood was spent in South America.  “I was ‘English as a second language youngster,’ remembers Grant. “It was in South America that I began my life long appreciation of and comfort with other cultures.”

Favorite Books:

“My tastes are eclectic.” Looking at my books shelves I see heroic and historic stories such as “The Autobiography of Alexander the Great” and “1776.”
Naval stories such the Barbary Pirates, written in 1953.
Stories of intrigue such as “The Spy Who Came in from the Cold” and “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”.

Favorite Movie Types:

“I prefer heroic films such as Brave Heart and Gladiator.”